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Afternoon Tea With…Belle & Bunty

With romance in the air – V day is only a couple of weeks away, we took some time out to chat with fun and flirty designer duo Belle & Bunty. Discussing everything from their custom prints and feminine designs, to brands they covet and their most romantic memories… Awwww!

Fashion Designers Belle & Bunty
Fashion Designers Belle & Bunty

VS: Have you always wanted to be in fashion?

Belle: I always wanted to do something creative but it was by chance that I got into the London College of Fashion. I quickly fell in love with it all.

Bunty: I knew that I always wanted to go to art college so that was my first goal, then whilst there I realized that I loved textiles and what you could create with it which lead me to fashion.

VS: Your designs are very feminine and girly, was this intentional?

B&B: To a certain extent we design for ourselves and our friends and use what we love as inspiration. Yes we did want our brand to have feminine touches but mostly we want to provide women with well made, beautiful clothes with a cheeky edge.  

VS: What would you wear to a party / top tips?

Belle: I love getting dressed up. My rules are be confident, be comfortable and just a little inappropriate! 

Bunty: I would always recommend a good pair of heels- they can instantly change your mood, perk you up and make you feel more confident.

VS: What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

Belle: My now husband and I had our first date at the Taj Mahal. He was a guest of the factory I was working in as a student. He organised a day of adventures in Agra and after it all we fell asleep on the grass infront of the Taj Mahal.

Bunty: My husband proposing to me was so romantic – down on bended knee with a plastic Marc Jacobs ring and a little ‘how to be a good wife’ book was so him, and the fact that he was a little bit nervous made it even more lovely and romantic. Dont worry ladies, the diamond came after the plastic ring!! 

VS: Do you prefer luxe or high street?

Belle: If its well made, beautiful and does the job I wouldn’t care where it was from. So I suppose a little bit of both! 

Bunty: I think we have been spoiled as we both get to wear our garments which are made out of great fabrics, so for me its more about the fabric than whether its designer or high street.

VS: Most wanted item of the moment?

Belle: Christian Louboutin Corneille 100 Leather pumps.

Bunty: Bionda Castana Christa Sandals in Blush.

VS: Top five products / brands?

Belle: Chloe – Love perfume, Green and Blacks Chocolate, Clara Francis Jewellery, Mavala Nail Polish in Rose Dust, Ojon Restorative Hair treatment. 

Bunty: Alpha-H – all their products are great, Nails Inc 45 second Topcoat, Mulberry for their bags, Paul A Young for Chocolate brownies and Chloe as my all time favourite brand.

VS: What trends do you predict for next season?

B&B: Full on printed florals –  a summer of Colour & Romance. 

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