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Tonsil Tennis Anyone?

They say you’ll never forget your first snog and here at Veruca Salt we are huge fans of SNOG’ing…the frozen yoghurt kind!

SNOG Frozen Yoghurt
SNOG Frozen Yoghurt

Having been in the UK for almost 4 years, SNOG have done enornously well, and although walking into an outlet is a bit like walking into a well-lit nightclub (I’m sure we have Abercrombie to thank for that!), that little bowl of goodness, if you opt for the fresh fruit, just seems well…worth it.

SNOG London
SNOG London

Developed by 2 fitness fanatics with a keen eye for design and detail, Rob Baines and Pablo Uribe, SNOG puts emphasis on healthy ingredients using organic skimmed milk and agave nectar instead of sugar in their frozen yoghurt. With no artificial sweetners or refined suger, the result is a no fat and low calorie product, with a low GI content – in our opinion the perfect combination. You can of course blow all of that by adding Oreo’s and Chocolate Brownies, but there is a huge selection of healthy fruit toppings, seeds and nuts too.

Mandarine SNOG
Mandarine SNOG

Our flavour of the moment has to be the Mandarine – organic and naturally high in vitamin C, this delicate orange yoghurt tastes exactly like a sorbet and goes hand in hand with some delicious ripe strawberries and the very best shows at London Fashion Week.

Surely there is no better workout for your tastebuds 🙂


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