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Skin Miracle on Beauchamp Place

With the festivities almost upon us and a good few months of salon Skincare neglect under our belts, Veruca Salt went in search of a facial miracle to get our skin into glowing condition for the imminent party season.

Having been obsessed with Mesotherapy for many a year, but shying away due to a fear of needles, Veruca Salt did some extensive research resulting in a start-of-the-week session of Mesotherapy at HB Health Knightsbridge. We had discovered that this year the clinic had won the highly regarded Best Formula accolade for Mesotherapy at the My Face My Body awards – what better choice could there be.

Mesotherapy HB Health Knightsbridge
Mesotherapy HB Health Knightsbridge

So on a drizzly Monday afternoon we stepped into HB Health Knightsbridge to give our skin a sprightly glow. Welcomed in and offered something to quench our thirst from the in-house Tea & Juice bar, we waited, apprehensively for our therapist. Just as we opened Grazia we were called upon and lead to the treatment room. We were delighted to hear that our therapist was going to be using her much sought after winning formula on our tired, dehydrated skin and we were advised that the traditional single syringe method was still the best option for applying and penetrating maximum formula into the dermis. There have been many new techniques introduced of recent years, including an electronic pulse version and a new laser option, both used instead of a needle and there is even a needle gun available – eek!!

With baited breath we were walked through the entire process, learning along he way. Did you know that Meso can be used for hair loss, along with cellulite, dark circles and weightloss? It appears pretty much any ailment can be treated and/ or enhanced with a spot of Mesotherapy. A unique vitamin packed formula is tailor-made for each person and each area to be worked on, the theory behind the procedure being that by depositing the vitamins directly into the skin with a needle, approximately 4-6mm below the epidermis, you are giving the tissues exactly what they need where they need it. Seems simple really 🙂

Consent forms signed and we were ready to go. A skin-numbing cream was applied first to ensure the process was as pain free as possible, and after being gently removed we were pleased to say that the cream had worked. We hadn’t even realised the complexion-brightening treatment had started until the therapist turned our head to do the other side of the face. Another 10 minutes and we were done. A soothing face mask was then applied, followed by a gentle massage of moisture cream. The results we saw were fantastic, not only did our skin have a radiance not seen since our teen years, it also felt firmer and more supple. Hence we are booked in for our next session and cannot wait for the long term results – fresher, clearer skin here we come!

Although an initial course of 4 – 6 treatments is recommended, benefits such as a fresher, plumper more radiant complexion can be seen almost immediately.

Vitamin Cocktail
Vitamin Cocktail

Give your skin a vitamin cocktail this Christmas at HB Health Knightsbridge.

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