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Evergreen and Sandcastles

Countryside or beach?? It’s my main dilemma every time I book a summer holiday, but why can’t I have both?

Apparently, at The Grove I now can.

Set in 300 acres of vast countryside, The Grove hotel has a residents only area within its Walled Garden. Here you will find a 40 x 40 private beach which, in a moment, whisks you to a whole new destination, one filled with beach volleyball, bikini’s and a beautiful white sandy beach.

Mansion house, spa, golf course… you could only ask for more if you are greedy.

The Grove
The Grove


So if you, like me can’t decided between the beach and countryside check in at The Grove; 30 mins from Heathrow, 17 mins from London Euston, 3 mins from the M25, you’ll be on the beach or in the countryside sooner than you think.

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