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Recently Veruca Salt had the pleasure of visiting Portugal’s 2nd largest city Porto to catch up on the latest hotel offerings, dining experiences and, of course, to test our palette on the citys first export Port.

Flying from LGW on a somewhat reasonable 1140am flight we headed on our merry way, Antler suitcase in tow and packed to the rim!

Pousado do Porto
Pousado do Porto

After a delayed but steady flight we were delighted to arrive at our abode for the next few nights, the beautiful Pousada do Porto, Palacio do Freixo. An old palace, as the name suggests, and home to a florest our suite was in the old flower barn, offering unparralled views of the blooming lawns and overlooking the Douro. Welcomed with a glass of rose port, we made our way to the pool for a lazy afternoon before a delicious dinner at the hotel.

Next morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, we made our way to the famous Dom Luis I Bridge (the largest steel structure before the Eiffel Tower was built). Our day consisted of walks along the river and ambling through the cobbled streets inspecting the port distilleries.

Dom Luis I Bridge
Dom Luis I Bridge

Dinner was at Bugo Art Burgers – a fabulous place (if you an find it!) full of the most artistic and mouthwatering burgers we have ever tried.

Day 3 was all about Taylors but not before we stumbled upon a delightfully quaint eaterie (sadly the name escapes us) situated along the riverside toward the ocean. Run by an encourageable chap, this tiny restaurant gave our tastebudes a pleasurable run for their money with local specialities prepped on site. The wine list here was amazing and place stood out so much that on our next visit we will tailor our grazing around what table bookings we can get here 😉


And so on to Taylors and a port tasting with Pedro. After an aroma-full tour of the cellars and gardens we teased our senses on the white, Ruby and Tawny ports. For those who know a thing or two about this fortified wine, you will know that a Tawny port is the only port to be aged. A 40yr old was exquisite, but sadly we didn’t get to try the elusive limited edition XX.

Our final stop was the new all signing, all dancing, all dominating of the city, Yeatman Hotel, owned by Taylors. One of the largest hotels in Porto, the Yeatman is positioned port-side and is the most idyllic spot for catching the sunset, port in hand, whilst taking in the majestic views of the city – a must see.

The Yeatman Hotel
The Yeatman Hotel

For old school drinking hunt out Tarantino’s and for a club and bar with a great terrace head to Hard Bar.

Daily flights to Porto with all major airlines. For castle grandeur on the water Pousado do Porto, for port experiences book a tour with Taylor’s and for a room with a view The Yeatman.

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