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A Clear Winner With Purdey – Lust Of The Week

I’m very much looking forward to the next few months, when the winter shooting season really gets going in the UK. I simply love the outdoors, with the dogs and when its ok to sip on sloe gin whilst the dew is still settling!

I am quite a keen shot apparently, or so I have been told, and I do love a good bit of healthy competition, not to mention the reward after a day’s hunt. Mmmmm…

However, my most favourite part of any shoot is getting dressed: I am a girl who loves her style afterall. And of course, having the right equipment and clothing makes the world of difference. For this, Purdey is still my number one choice. Refined, comfortable and warm, I love the matching tweed and the new Herringbone range, but my Lust of the Week is the Sheepskin Hand Muff.

Purdey Sheepskin Hand Muff
Purdey Sheepskin Hand Muff

Ok, not exactly handy on a shoot (I know!), but it is perfect for keeping my mitts toasty. And it makes for the most sublime accessory, working with many of my outfits during the winter months.

Get yours before they go at James Purdey and Sons

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