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Italian Connection – Parka Perfect!!

We are in love with Cortina d’Ampezzo fashion label Mauro Guerresco!!

Made famous in its chic hometown resort by recycling vintage military parka’s and giving them a super luxe edge (each is lined with a removable fur gilet), we were delighted to hear that Mauro Guerresco has opened its very first UK shop on the King’s Road.

Mauro Guerresco Parka
Mauro Guerresco Parka

We ventured in just before Christmas to see what the refined concept store had to offer and we were not disappointed 🙂

A household name in Italy, and with international elite shoppers, Mauro Guerresco is praised for its unique fur and leather creations, each showcasing the very finest in Italian fashion and craftsmanship. Demonstrating first-class style, along with staying true to the brands heritage, the new London home is entirely dedicated to luxurious womenswear, rare home furnishings and exclusive accessories.

Carrying its own capsule Mauro Guerresco collection, which includes the bestselling (and our favourite!) interchangeable fur lined Parka’s along with Capes, Cropped Fur jackets, Lapin skin hats and one-offhorn handle leather bags, the concept store also supports exquisite designs by emerging Italian talentssuch as Ermanno Gallamini, Michele Rossi, Andrea Cardone and Opera prima. Well-known International designers are also available including Charles Phillip, Steve Madden and Jeffrey Campbell.

Mauro Guerresco London
Mauro Guerresco London

And it’s not just the clothes you can buy! Nearly all of the furniture on display can be purchased, from vintage cow-skin armchairs to bleached Antler mirrors, rare editorial manuscripts and even an original 1900’s gym bike – we are totally smitten.

Mauro Guerrsco himself told Veruca Salt that “working closely with artistic artisans has enabled him to retain unusual pieces and products of curiosity coming from international markets, allowing him to propose the most innovative of ideas before they become actual trends”

Mauro Guerresco Cape
Mauro Guerresco Cape

Living la dolce vita indeed.

Mauro Guerresco, 310 Kings Rd, London, SW3

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