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House of Peroni
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Have you been to the HOUSE yet?

Fashionistas, vintage clothing seekers and hipsters have always pondered around popular Brick Lane but for the past two weeks they’ve been joined by the foodies, cocktail lovers and general partygoers. The reason? THE HOUSE OF PERONI, of course!

This year’s theme for The House, created by (you guessed it) Peroni Nastro Azzurro, is the life and style of the Italian Piazza, along with a healthy dose of innovation.

House of Peroni
House of Peroni

Infusion cocktails with Peroni Nastro Azzurro as a base, served with clouds, ice cream cones and your own choice of herbs? Check. A dining experience created by an Italian Michelin starred chef, filled with mouth-watering dishes? Check. A pop-up shop for fine foods (Emporio Strazzanti) selling Sicilian cheeses, chocolate, oil and to-die-for white pesto? Check. Intricate, delicate and modern art pieces by super-cool artists? Check. A garden terrace where you can lap up the sun on cosy couches? Check. A secret cinema in the back garden screening nostalgic movies? Check. We could go on….

The house is as its creators intended it; a buzzing, welcoming, creative Piazza filled with life, people and laughter – the perfect summer spot. As with all good things though, it’s only temporary, so make sure you take time for a visit at the House before it closes on 10th June! Open every day, bar Monday’s, from 5pm.

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