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Cocoa Hernando - Himalaya

Consumed with Wanderlust

To help us get over the hump today, Veruca Salt wanted to share our latest find – travel-inspired chocolate from Cocoa Hernando! Inspired by founder, Paul Tomlinson’s, epic train journey across Southern India several years ago, Cocoa Hernando delivers delicately flavoured chocolate discs that conjure up feelings of adventure, nostalgia and new discovery. With four destinations represented; […]

Scent Holidays

Olfactory Vacations – Summer Scents

With the British summer dragging its heels, Veruca Salt decided to take the olfactory route to exotic shores. So in search of perfume with a tropical accord, we discovered Parfumerie Générale by cool French perfumer Pierre Guillaume. We were immediately hooked on the modern concoctions from Guillaume’s Cruise Collection and share below our top 3 […]

Hello February

Love is in the Air!

Love is in the air here at Veruca Salt. Not only are the days beginning to get longer and brighter, it’s also the month of cupid ♡. So, with Valentine’s Day under a week away, we wanted to give you the lowdown on some of the best gifts for you and your amoré (there is […]

Smokestak Starter

Smoked Perfection In Shoreditch

This post comes with a warning: if you are trying to stay on the straight and narrow healthy/ clean eating path you set out on 12 days ago, avert your eyes now. Welcome to a smokers heaven everyone else – this is Smokestak! I owe the finding of this new East London gem to my […]

Loving Lavender

It’s this time of year that you really need to take extra care of yourself to get through the shorter days and cooler nights. Plenty of hot baths, Pilates and extra TLC is what Veruca Salt swears by to ensure we get the most out of our days. Living and working in the city takes […]